Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas!

we have been blessed & busy this year...

jake has had a good year in sports playing baseball & football.he has enjoyed having his dad coach him & steve loves talking/watching sports with someone who is just as interested in sports as he is. jake is very responsible & a great example to his younger siblings & thinks crew is the coolest baby ever!

keegan has had a very busy year this year & loves having lots to do (remind you of someone else?) she loves dance, gymnastics, cheer, scrapbooking, shopping & sometimes piano. she has been such a great help this year being brock’s other mom. keegan & mom love our “girl time” together & take full advantage of it!

brock has more personality than anyone can imagine. he is always the center of attention & the life of the party! he constantly gives hugs & loves to cuddle. he has had to learn this year how to be a big brother & has transitioned into that role very well. he loves everybody, anywhere, anytime (even his brother crew).

crew is our cabose but he thinks he is the engine (& usually he is). competing with so many strong personailities in our family, he definately holds his own!he is a little prankster & full of life. unlike our other kids, he loves his sleep.

steve & shelby are loving every minute of life. embellish IT! is keeping us busy enough but we continue to cut back on traveling so much. we enjoy what we do & feel fortunate we are able to spend so much time together. steve looks forward to when work doesn’t interfere with his
coaching & shelby wants more beach time - other than that life could not be better! as we reflect on 2010, we are so grateful for our savior, family & friends. we wish you a merry christmas & the best in 2011.

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